Rodrigo Lima

Brazilian composer, Rodrigo LIMA was born in Guarulhos-São Paulo Brazil (September 25th, 1976). Bachelor in Musical Composition Degree at the Department of Music – University of Brasília and Masters in Composition at the Art Institute of the University of Campinas State (UNICAMP) in São Paulo. He studied composition with Estércio Marquez Cunha, Sergio Nogueira, Silvio Ferraz and electro-acoustic music with Conrado Silva. Additional lessons and master classes with Emmanuel Nunes, Stefano Gervasoni and Claude Ledoux.

His compositions have been released in contemporary music festivals in Brazil, Chile, France, Belgium, Holland, Mexico, EUA, Spain, such as the: International Festival of Contemporary Music 2010 in Valencia (Spain), Europalia International Arts Festival 2011 Holland (Concertgebouw), 8º Festival d’aujourd’hui à demain de musique contemporaine 2009 in Cluny (France), 5th International forum for young composers 2008 (France), ‘Instrumenta Contemporánea Arte Sonora’ 2008 (Mexico), ‘VIII International Festival of contemporary Music 2008 (Chili), Latin American Music Center - Indiana University (EUA, 2008), Biennial Festival of Brazilian Contemporary Music (Rio de Janeiro-Brazil), 'Temporada 2006 del Centro para La Difusión de La Música Contemporánea’ (CDMC) in Madrid (Spain), and others. 

He has obtained some prizes in National and International Competitions: 
Prize for Classical Composition of the National Arts Foundation 2010 (FUNARTE) in Brazil;  
1°st Prize 'Camargo Guarnieri' of Composition 2009 (Brazil);  
III Prize International ‘Iberoamericano Rodolfo Halffter 2008 de Composition’ (Mexico);  
 Composer in residence in 5th international forum for young composers 2008 Ensemble Aleph in Paris (France);  3ºrd prize ‘Francisco Guerreiro Martín’ with his work ‘Matizes’, for flute and ensemble at the ‘XVII Premio Jóvenes Compositores 2006 Fundación Autor-CDMC’ in Madrid (Spain); 1ºst prize ‘Camargo Guarnieri’ 2005 of Composition with his work ‘Nomos’, for symphonic Orchestra (Brazil).

Limas Music has been performed by the Ensemble Aleph (France), Abstraï Trio (France), Camerata de las Amércicas (Mexico), Sonor Ensemble (Spain), Orchestutropica (Lisboa-Portugal), Symphonic Orchestra of the São Paulo University (Brazil), Camerata Aberta, Quinteto Brasília (Brazil), Percorso Ensemble (Brazil), conductors: Guillaume Bourgogne (France), Luis Aguirre (Spain), Cesário Costa (Portugal), Kirk Trevor (England) and Osvaldo Colarusso (Brazil). 

Rodrigo Lima is teacher of écriture musicale and composition at the 'EMESP’- School of Music of São Paulo State and is a member of the General Society of Authors and Editors ‘Sociedade General de Autores y Editores (SGAE)’ in Spain.

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