Rodrigo Lima

(Brazilian composer)
Rodrigo Lima Rodrigo Lima Rodrigo Lima
Brazilian composer, Rodrigo LIMA was born in Guarulhos-São Paulo Brazil (September 25th, 1976). Bachelor in Musical Composition Degree at the Department of Music – University of Brasília and Masters in Composition at the Art Institute of the University of Campinas State (UNICAMP) in São Paulo. Rodrigo Lima is teacher of écriture musicale and composition at the 'EMESP’- School of Music of São Paulo State and is a member of the General Society of Authors and Editors ‘Sociedade General de Autores y Editores (SGAE)’ in Spain.
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Matizes for flute and ensemble
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17 июля 2014, Новости
Chambre Music by Rodrigo Lima
Chambre Music by Rodrigo Lima